welding question

I know someone out there in moped world can help me.

I am looking to do some welding mods to my 1980 puch maxi. im planning on welding on a support beam and drop some welds around the bottom bracket where maxi frames always crack for added support.

so my question is what material should i use for the new parts. my friend said I should find out what metal the frame is made of and match that material or I will compromise the structure of the frame. problem is, i cant find any info on what material the frame is made of. maybe some of you moped gods out there can help me.

thanks in advance

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It's made of mild steel. You can find mild steel anywhere.

Re: welding question

mopeds are made of a mixture of hardship, heartbreak and pure joy.

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coat hangers

Re: welding question

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

The frames are just made out of steel. not sure of the exact grade or anything but I just weld mild steel to them. Works like a charm.

I think what your friend is saying is that if they are made of different material (like copper or something crazy,) then it increases the rate of corrosion due to a reduction reaction. At least that's what i got out of my materials engineering class when i was able to stay awake.

Re: welding question

cool thanks moped metallurgy genius's. I was all set to go then my friend put this fear into me. so I'll go out and look for mild steel and resume my project.


Re: welding question

The only time you need to worry is if you try to weld mild steel to something that is heat treatable, or a has a high carbon content. You'll get cracks in the heat affected zone due to thermal shock and hardening because of the carbon content. That's why it's called mild steel, low CC.

Use a MIG welder if at all possible, only because it's easier to get a nice bead.

However, I did see one of my freiends weld aluminum to steel once, by accident. It actually held until he started tapping on it after he inspected it and the weld looked terrible.

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