just bought a new maxi n

just wondering how these things respond to performance work with the hard tail and such.

this thing is going to be so badass

Re: just bought a new maxi n

Стев Браун /

Hard tail isn't going to affect how it responds to performance work.

The hard tail does

-make it ride like crap

-make it weigh slightly less than other Maxis

-make it desirable to the trend hoppers on this forum

99% of Puch threads in this section will apply to your bike, so check them out.

Re: just bought a new maxi n

i actually know it's the standard maxi style frame and engine (E50)

i was asking more along the lines of how the hard tail takes turning at higher speeds. i know the increased stiffness will make it lose a lot of rear wheel traction. i guess i was wondering about safety concerns.

if i was worried about ride comfortability i would ride around in my gas wasting car. or take the bus... but seriously... mopeds.

Re: just bought a new maxi n

hard tail does actually have performance benefits, as less of the engine's power is soaked up by the rear suspension.

more info on a hard tail

-they don't really ride like crap

-weighs quite a bit less than a maxi (if you leave off the fender and rack

-makes it rare and desirable, despite trends or hoppers of said trends.

as it is a puch with a puch motor of some sort, there is much that you can do to it. use the search function and you will find plenty of info.

Re: just bought a new maxi n

most of my hard tail moped experience comes from riding ciaos, some capable of high speeds. i've never had any problems in corners, and while i'm no elliot, i don't get shy in the twisties.

Re: just bought a new maxi n

who's this elliot?

Re: just bought a new maxi n

creature kid who rides a rigid moby around corers faster than you

Re: just bought a new maxi n

Elliot's usually the person in front of you, making you breath in his exhaust fumes.

start here:


Re: just bought a new maxi n

haha considering i just bought haven't rebuilt the thing and haven't been able to ride it, that's no large feat.

Re: just bought a new maxi n

rigids FTW!

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/uhoh/2565755587/"; title="DSC_9780x by uhohphoto, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3088/2565755587_f4718346ed.jpg"; width="500" height="333" alt="DSC_9780x" /></a>

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