1978 Pinto ideas

I bought a nice 1978 Pinto last week. The engine runs smooth The whole mahine is in great condition. I just wish it had more horse power. I weigh 240 lbs. It goes around 5 mph going up a slight hill.

I'd like to do a speed mod. I see some nice top end engine upgrade ideas on this forum. Just wondering if there are some nice and easy solutions that the majority are doing.

BTW, this is a really helpfull forum! I hope that I'm not asking a question that has allready been asked by new Pinto owners thousands of times!! :-)

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

Pinto's have a Puch E50 engine, so do a search in the moped repair section and figure out how to make your bike run like new (i.e. 30mph) and then head back to the performance section and go from there!

Pintos are cool mopeds, but Swingers are cooler.

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

I'm finding all kinds of stuff. I'm just wondering if there are any generally accepted upgrades. I have a Bing 15 mm carb sitting on my bench right now. I am wondering what Pinto riders say is an easy top end upgrade.


Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

Generally accepted upgrades are all in the eyes of the beholder. Bigger carb and expansion pipe are a good start. My accepted upgrades were to take a barn fresh Pinto and turn it into a screamer. Look at my profile and you can see what I did. Have fun. Do to it what ever you want. Most of all have fun with it. I <3 Pintos!

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

that is a hot bike

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

Put a compression tester on your bike and see how many PSI you are building. Less than 90psi means low compression, and if your rings are shot, replace your top end with a 65cc Metrakit, and bore out your intake to match your 15mm carb, toss on a bullet or boss exhaust, and you will be cooking easily to a solid 40mph, with much more potential. If you have decent compression, your bike is running that slowly because of another reason, like bad points, condenser, incorrect timing, bad jetting, clogged exhaust or bad seals. Fix those first, and I promise you it will be much better later on!

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

Man! This is such an awesome site!

I'm just getting into mopeds. I LOVE how low cost much of it is! I am also into old Jeeps. Jeep stands for Just Empty Every Pocket! Hahahah

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

I get about 125 for compression. Is that about right?

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas


Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

OK, I'll have ot check other things. If there's a slight hill it will top out at 5 mph. If it's a slightly steeper hill, it will not make it at all.

I'll check the exhaust manifold or carbon. Probably replace the old skool exhaust.

Anythng else?

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

pinto 1977,jc penny style kro mag

i got one of these peds just a month or so ago

im 280 punds and it still pulls only 5-10 up hills

i did do the following


2-clean carb and tank or petcock

3-shine the shit out of the moped espescailly chrome areas

4-i also replaced the clutch shoes-big help-

i was losing alot of power on hills so i replaced clutch shoes

didnt really fix the problem but it is better on hills now because the engine isnt losing all that rpm

my moped tops off at 30-32 on a straight

usually 25-28

downhill i bury it to 45 around my town

its so much fun

but the extra weight kills your gas mileage i only get 60mpg

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So, is 5-10 up a hill expected to be normal? Do you have a stock motor and exhaust?

i'm considering upgrading to 70cc with a bigger carb and performance exhaust. I'll let you know if I find more power.

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

If you are 135 lbs a stock puch will go up a seattle hill at 22 mph. This isn't an insult but info for your reference

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

Here's what I did with one of mine (actually two). http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/read.php?f=1&i=461041&t=461040

5-10 up hill is not normal, but no offense 280lbs is not normal for a moped either.

I weigh in at about 180 and with 14-45 gearing on the above mentioned bike I can pull 25 up some seriously steep hills/mountains (6%+ grades), I took it up to 9000' above sea level last week without a problem. It can still cruise at 30 all day and tops out downhill (and screaming) at about 38.

Really what you do to the bike as far performance parts go is all up to what you want the bike to do. Do you want a good all around daily driver, do you want a top-speed flat land screamer, do want a torquey hill climber, etc., etc.?

Re: 1978 Pinto ideas

Even at 240, you should still be able to go faster than 5mph up a slight hill. Something is wrong. I would start by Reading Freds Guide and do some basic maintenance.Then think about adding upgrades.

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