soft seize scare

i think i soft seized my puch maxi the other night. couldn't get the petals to move when i tried to kick it over and the flywheel wouldn't budge. finally, a co-worker unstuck it, and it ran fine, but i'm wondering if by tuning trial and error that i caused it to overheat by jetting wrong. i am getting a 65cc metrakit and have a proma gp, 15mm bing and 15 mm intake. what jet range should it be in? i know the forums are full of all these kinds of questions, but i am paranoid now about seizing again. thanks in advance!

Re: soft seize scare

Check for air leaks

check for em again

over get so it bogs like a bitch

the go down slow.

if you did what you described, you soft siezed.

im not running a bing on my metra, but if a stock 2hp 50cc takes a 64, i hope your running something a bit bigger.

look under resources and learn how to do a plug chop.

going down till it soft siezes really isnt the way to do it. Especially now that you know what will happen

Re: soft seize scare

*over jet it so it bogs like a bitch

Re: soft seize scare

Iron Hayden /

thanks... i've been pug chopping and they seem to be coming out ok... brown color, maybe a little on the light side. i just think it may have over heated some how. it didn't seize while i was riding either, just when i shut it off and tried to start it again later. it was weird. i'm a pretty novice tunner, so i'm scared about doing something wrong and ruining the new kit.

Re: soft seize scare

Pull your cylinder and see if you can figure out what happened.

Re: soft seize scare

Re: soft seize scare

82 or 84 for a 15mm bing

Re: soft seize scare

what type of air filter do you have? I have the same setup as you... metra 65, bing, proma gp, and one of those metal mesh air filters with the rubber coupler that treats sells. I'm running an 80 jet.

Re: soft seize scare

I have a 65cc metra, 15mm bing, proma gp and I am running an 86. Everyone says it's too big, but I can't find any leaks and it runs ok.

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