Gurtner Q's?

Sooo...I'm dumb and cannot figure out how to take the choke and fuel cable off my gurtman...Theres a screw on the top which allows me to pull the fuel cable all the way out but it also pulls the little valve thing out with do i get the cable off without the little valve attached? My choke cable has a little gold ring around it which cannot go all the way through the carb...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RiTZ

Re: Gurtner Q's?

to "remove" the choke cable you have to undo it at the lever and pull the whole cable out from the carb end. the same with the throttle cable. Thats why I told you to uncrew the top and leave it dangling under the bike while you clean the carb body.

If you really want to take them out get new ones first as the ends held in the knarps on the lever and the throttle will probably be so frayed you won't be able to feed them back thru....

one screw, take top off carb, clean carb somewhere convienient, put carb back on....why do you want to take the cables off so bad?

Re: Gurtner Q's?

Well i want to get a dellorto i think....btw does a 14.14 bolt right up to the bendy intake?

Re: Gurtner Q's?

go for it, search for the throttle slide mod, it needs to be altered to get the dellorto to open all the way. as for fitting, dunno I got a 15.15 and fabbed up my own intake...

Re: Gurtner Q's?

What do you think of this one?

Re: Gurtner Q's?

BootyClap Ninja /

no...get the real thing.

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