Weird Polini Jetting?

I am running an 82 jet on my brand new Polini 75cc kit on my minarelli c2. I started with a 100, 95, 92, now an 82 because I was fouling plugs like crazy, (after every time I start it). I am really worried about jetting any leaner on a brand new polini. I set my timing, and that should be fine. No backfiring at all. It still rides like it is crazzzy rich, and still fouls plugs. Am I doing something wrong, or is this fine? Any ideas, or things i should double check?

75 polini on a minarelli c2

16 sha

15 intake

b7hs plug

no porting

case matched to kit

mixed at 30:1

Re: Weird Polini Jetting?

maybe the carb/intake is just too small for this kit? not enough air coming in to burn the gas? i feel like i've seen people running these carbs though on this kit.

Re: Weird Polini Jetting?

one of the guys running the SHA carbs with this kit should chime in on this one. both david frick and i are running 19 and 20mm phbg carbs jetted in the high 90s or 100s, so that low on a 16mm might not be too crazy.

Re: Weird Polini Jetting?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

its going to be really rich on the low end, and horribly lean on the top end.

kits like that need a phbg.

my av10 on both 50 and 70 kits would have horrible fouling problems on the low end if i tried to make it rich enough for the top end.

You may not need a bigger carb, you just need a more tuneable carb.

Re: Weird Polini Jetting?

yeah u might be fouling out if ur not holding WOT.. do ur plugs foul from holding WOT for over 20 seconds strait or do u 4 stroke?

Re: Weird Polini Jetting?

hmm to be honest I haven't run it at WOT yet as it is still reallly early in the break in. so they are fouling at idle to 1/2 throttle.

maybe for right now as i'm only running it 1/2 throttle tops i could safely jet leaner until i get a phbg. at this point why not get a 20 intake and 21 phbg?

so there's really no decent way to run a sha on a polini then?

thanks for the help guys. hopefully ill have this running well enough for bomb prom.

Re: Weird Polini Jetting?

The main jet only controls WOT mixture. So changing it will have no effect on your part throttle problem. This is the reason I don't like SHA carbs.

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