Where to buy 24mm Mikuni

I can't seem to find anyone online that has them in stock. The shop by my house can order them but wants a lot more than other prices I have seen. I know people are running these now so there must be a good source. Also I know that air filters have been an issue, anyone come up with a good solution that lets them breathe without being massive or restrictive. Thanks.

Re: Where to buy 24mm Mikuni

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I saw some on ebay for around $115 a few weeks ago, but I duno if they're still there.

From what I've read, no one has found an air filter that isn't too restrictive...at least for 80cc kits.

Re: Where to buy 24mm Mikuni

Aww man. Thought I had you covered, but the place I send everyone to is sold out, and raised their price 10 bucks. bummer.

Heres the link anyways.


Also, a regular uni filter works fine for the gila and parma, but the metra has too much blowback and requires too much air.

Re: Where to buy 24mm Mikuni

Tyler Jacobson /

just got 2 from 1977mopeds man they are huge!!! cant wait to see how they run.

Re: Where to buy 24mm Mikuni


This is where I got mine. When I gave them a call they said they didn't have any and had to order it, I still got it in less than 5 days.

Re: Where to buy 24mm Mikuni

i go through sudco for all my jap bike carb stuff. crap website, but really good phone service.


Jesse Stephenson /

So I called around, and checked websites. Sudco said they do not have any, and then said that no one has them. Mikuni is out of stock and the next production batch will be in July. Sad.

Re: Update

peter has one for 140 w/ jets. get him to bring it to bomb prom

Re: Update


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