65cc polini

Do I need the bigger 13/13 Dellorto or can I run my stock carb on this set up. Additionally, what jet size would I need to start with? Thanks for any help.

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You COULD run your stock carb, but if your putting a kit on there you may as well drop the $55 for a 13.13 nd drill the intake to 13mm while you're at it. It'll make a difference.

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daaaaaaaaaamn son...upgrade upgrade!! I would suggest a more tunable and more efficient Dell'Orto PHBG carb of at least a 16mm bore.

you WON'T be disappointed.

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i cant help but feel like this kit is a money pit...

how much have you spent already on the setup?

i wish i could afford it, really.

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yeah...i feel that way at times..with the dollar where it is any european kit has become THAT much more expensive and the shipping has gone up too because of the valuations and the gas prices.

Overall though the Polini is a FANTASTIC kit that is quite reliable if you don't run it lean and for a 64cc setup will give you more kick than many 70cc setups.

I don't know what the right answer is for the next part but the "well, i already dropped $$$ on this setup, might as well spend more" vs. the "holy crap i spent how much, screw it I'm using what I have" arguments...well, the both hold water.

I guess i am more in the first boat because the whole reason I go for a great setup is for performance and efficiency...and if I can't maximize that or get it to a point that I feel it should be, then I'll usually drop the money or spend the time to get the set up to where I would like it to be.

I think the biggest thing is taht you can't walk into the situation thinking buying a polini makes the bike fast...you need to factor the carb, the pipe, the gearing, etc. everything works in tandem.

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Well, I'm not worried so much about the money. Just using some common sense I gained working on/tuning cars. Bigger isnt always better. Since I am brand new to tuning mopeds (and have already torched my stock piston) :o( I thought I would ask ones in the know. Ya know.

peace be with you

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For reference, my setup and costs have been thus:

First, the stuff you need to make the engine perform well and make the kit worth the money:

64cc Malossi: $160

13.13: $55

Redfilter: $18

Leo Vinci HM: $95

Jets and crap: $20

And the other stuff I have that makes it a little more worth while:

Malossi Multivar: $80

TOP crank: $50

So figure $250 for the bike and $350 for performance parts, I'm in $600 plus I guess $60 for the Pirelli and the NR51. I think thats it. Anyway, not too bad in my mind for a rippin moped. I'll put gears on it eventually and that should keep me satisfied for a while.

I havent run the Polini 64, but Colin tells me it's quite similar to the Malossi one, and I can vouch for the power of the Malossi. Still have a few miles to go before I go WOT on it, but the low end power is crazy, even jetted like 6 sizes too rich and running 16:1. I can't wait to open it up and see what it'll do.

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Re: 65cc polini

if this is for a vespa which it sounds like it he can't just slap something bigger than 13.13 on there. He would need the new half of the case that allows that.

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Werd. It is for a kinetic tfr aka vespa clone. The carb and intake are very slimming.

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