puch airfilter jetting

so ive got a 78 puch maxi that had a stock jet of 58. i recently got a high flow air filter and read that most people jet 3 sizes up. so i got a 60 and a 62 have tried them both and have created a world of problems. the 62 seemed rich and the 60 seemed a little lean. currently i have the 60 in with the needle all the way up and it runs real well 60% of the time. it doesnt seem to be running very lean at this position but sometime when i stop at a light and try to get going it just dies and then wont start, well sometimes it will after about 5 min. i was wondering if this sounds like its still a jet issue or if i might have a bad condenser, bad spark plug (im running a stock plug and i was thinking maybe a cooler one would work better). id really like to get this working with the filter so if anyone has had this problem or thinks they know whats up id appreciate the help.

Re: puch airfilter jetting

Ben Van Zoest /

1, 1.5 or 2Hp engine?

Re: puch airfilter jetting

im not sure, the previous owner went at the thing with black spary paint and put a thick coat on pretty much everything. im assuming its a 2 hp because it did about 30 stock and its got a 1/12/307 bing which according to the wiki is on 2hp

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