Grande Engine from scratch

Michael Miehle /

I want to put together a grande engine from available new parts. I saw much of what I need on 50ccNL but....

I want to stay at 50cc to maintain moped registration. What does everyone think is the best set up for head piston exaust carb etc. and if I went up to 70cc what is the best combination of parts. Money is not an object for this project I am selling my extra kidney on Ebay in a few days. Mike

Re: Grande Engine from scratch

check out the reedvalve case that treats has. thats the shit. stay at 50cc, you can get nice kits with awesome porting and make a rev machine, especially with the stock gears and a performance variator.

Re: Grande Engine from scratch

or go to 70cc and use the stock variator with performance gears and have a nice low revs bike.

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