Caseinduction/reed duration


When dealing with a regular cylinder intake system, you may alter the duration by manipulating ports and pistons.

Does this also apply in reed induction?

I would imagine not.

Please advice.

Bike is a suzuki fz 50


Re: Caseinduction/reed duration

Jason Luther /

Changing the exhaust and transfer port timings should be the same as with a standard motor. Though i don't know how you could with case induction since the motor starts drawing in air once the piston starts traveling upward. it seams to me you are already at the highest intake duration since you dont have to wait for the piston to uncover an intake port. Makes sense to me anyhow...

Re: Caseinduction/reed duration

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

it depends for how many degrees your reeds are allowed to open for. many systems use a combination of piston port and reed valve intake. so the answer is: sometimes you may mopdify your piston port to allow for more reed induction.

Re: Caseinduction/reed duration

The reeds are responsive to the vacuum pressure in the crankcase. Tuners change out reed petals for stiffer or softer ones depending on what they are looking for. Stiffer- less responsive, Softer- more responsive.

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