Jet range

what range of jets shoud i order for my new setup. Its will be a 70cc tomos parma kit, 21mm phbg, techno estoril, with the boyesen power reeds if it matters. Sorry if im beating a dead horse i just dont wanna buy a million jets

Jet range

I'd put maybe one over stock for that carb., and then put some slow time(putting around) on the new kit before I tried doing any wide open runs to see where the main jet should be. I don't think anyone could get your jetting right over the internet. I put a 58 and a biturbo on my A55, it ran a little rich, and 4stroked at about 33mph. Then I cut the tube out of the air box thinking maybe a little less air restriction would get it a little leaner, and I wanted the airbox mod anyway. It didn't pull more air, for some reason it pulled more fuel threw the 58 main jet, it ran rich as a pig, it wouldn't go over 23mph gargling to death with fuel. I think the tube does some weird venturi effect on the air and fuel, and without it , and can pull hard from the main jet. So knowing it was rich as heck now with the same 58, I drilled 5/16 holes in the air box to let more air in. With each hole I gain almost 1mph, and when I got to the 15th hole , the bike reached 36mph, and ever bit of 4stroking was gone, and it hauls butt now. Now since I'm getting more air the entire throttle range, it was I little lean the next morning when it was cold at about half throttle, so I raised the needle, and that took care of that issue, now the bike's perfect, and revs from idle all the way up to a nice screaming sound, and the plug is a nice tan color. Gutting the box didn't effect the idle air screw at all, just the mid, and top range.

Jet range

Oh yeah, the bottom line, it takes a lot of tinkering around to get it perfect.

Re: Jet range

sorry maybe i should have said this is on a puch e50

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