WTF seizing

my pa50II seized on me twice today in less then 3 miles. i rode yesterday for 20 problem free so whats going on? dark plug so its a little rich but it runs fine and then all of the sudden it stops and i pull to the side and wait 5 min and start it again and ride.

Re: WTF seizing

What makes you think you are seizing?

Re: WTF seizing

New condensor? But that ped might be CDI so maybe not.

Seizing fells like some one pulled your back break for you when you dont expect it.

Hard for me to imagine a honda seizing up if it was stock.

Re: WTF seizing

its not stock its got a metra 70. it stopps and feels like its not getting compression when i go to restart it again

un till it cools

Re: WTF seizing

Good kit. I seized my Metra four times over the course of the first month of having it on. Had a bunch of exhaust leaks due to the Proma pipe and that stupid crush washer. You might want to open it up. I have some scars on the piston but no blow back underneath the rings. You can't actually feel the scars on the rings and there are no marks in the cylinder so mine still works fine.

Seriously though. "My kit is seizing, what do I do?" You know the answer.

Re: WTF seizing

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

the answer of course, is "stop siezing"

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