electrical or jetting?

I finally got my ped running decent: e50, proma gp, unrestricted bing 14.

It was brought to my attention it might of been electrical, the plug not giving enough kick! I set the break points back to spec. I run a 68 jet and with a spark plug chop it comes out white and dry! The only other jet I have is an 80, and it will run the moped but really bogs down and will not get past 20mph. With the 68 I can get to 30mph with no airfilter (w/ airfilter or panty hose, it drops to 25).

I'm thinking/hoping that the jump from 68 to 80 is just too much?

Re: electrical or jetting?

too big of a jump, white? what kind of fuel mixture are you running?

Re: electrical or jetting?


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