What should I do first?

Two weeks ago i purchased my first moped. The '77 Batavus Starflite. I got it for a steal, previous owner got it as part of a lot purchase and had little interest in fixing it. Now that I have the deep satisfaction of getting it running behind me, I want to squeeze every last bit of power out of that Laura M48...

There are 3 major changes I plan to make:

- bigger carb (i have the s8a encarwi, thinking about tracking down an S 22/25, or splurging for a dellorto 15:15)

- less restrictive exhaust (i got the 25 mph one now; hopefully finding the bigger one Batavus made, buying a performance exhaust seems kinda silly for such a slow ped)

- mill the head

so here's my questions:

- what is the logical first step?

- in what way will one change effect the other?

- what do i not know?

Re: What should I do first?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

buy a 12.12 dellorto (for vespas) it fits right on, and you dont have to hunt for a 15 intake.

take out half the balls in the clutch, replace them with fuel line, mill the head and widen the exhaust port, flip the piston around so the rings are facing the intake.

Re: What should I do first?

doesn't motionleft sell a 15 intake? anyway that's good news about the 12:12, i'll check it out.

widening the exhaust port: would this make any difference until I replace my narrow header?

Re: What should I do first?

if youre going to get a carb, dont bother buying the 22/25. get the 15.15 with custom intake from 1977mopeds/motion left, and just jet down. that way, if you want to go port or get a abetter exhaust, you dont need to upgrade your carb. the biggest, immediate improvement would be getting the larger header pipe. if you need it, i have the expansion chamber that fits it, just not the pipe.

also, the pipe itself is pretty easy to make if you have access to someone to a metal shop.

Re: What should I do first?

My dad is a high school teacher so i do have access to machining and welding equipment, i drop by occasionally to fabricate parts for my printing press, i really hate that feeling of being in high school again though. I'm still the kind of guy bullies can smell coming i guess.

Re: What should I do first?

P.s. Jay how much you want for that expansion chamber?

Re: What should I do first?

nevermind jay. Mine fell off during a ride the other day but it was retrieved.

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