performance woes


so 70 raptor piston port, slighty ported intake exhaust transfers,

21 phgbbhgbghgb, with a 92 main jet. no air filter. handle bar intake.

modded estoril.

stock gearing.

has super great low end, pulls hard to about 25 then kinda four strokes then after about 7 seconds it hits hard and pulls to about 40 and flattens out.

what is the middle thing, do i need a different middle jet?

who has a 70 kit on their bike, how fast are you going? using stock carb?

Re: performance woes

oh yea, its on an a55 motor.

Re: performance woes

a55's can easily break 40 with just a pipe. You should work on tuning it a bit more I think.

Sounds like you need a smaller jet and you need to regear.

Re: performance woes

you think maybe its too much carb?>

Re: performance woes

smaller jet.

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