K&N airfiter on moped

corey crouch /

the K&N website has a million and 1 airfiltrsofall shapes and sizes. i was wondering if any of these would work on a moped. ive heard that you need to rejet but thats not really an option. so if i could get one, theres not that much space where the airfilteris suppoesd to go so could i just run a flexable tube from the carb to somewhere with more space? its a 1980 peugeot tsm and they are variated so thats why i was saying flexable tube. plus in my opionion it would be kinda cool to have the airfilter sticking out the side, or under the seat or something.

this is all the room i have...


Re: K&N airfiter on moped

Your stock carburetor has no flange for a filter, the airbox is specially designed to fit. You'll have to make some sort of crazy adapter to use an after market filter. You'll have to re-jet the carb too. One option might be to install a dellorto sha carb with the low profile filter.

Re: K&N airfiter on moped

since you cant get a K&N filter to work on it you might as well sell it to me.

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