I'm dumb, my Sachs 505 is a C, not a D. Options?

Liz H /
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So much contention here on Sachs bikes. :-) I read somewhere on this site that Sachs C engines did not exist and I didn't know where to find the model - so when I found my 104 A Bing carb with the square cylinder, I just assumed it was a D as the wiki says (Wiki says this is the carb that comes with the D motor, so I guess that should be changed, huh? Of course, I guess someone could have swapped this one on too, but doubtful).

But today while digging for something else, I found the long C/D debate and finally located my engine block plate where it does in fact say it's a C.


Regardless, I still get a good speed as it is, fully stock. I have some leakyness that I want to redo on the engine with some new gaskets and get 'er all cleaned up. I'm toping out at 31-32 right now, some stuttering between 10-15mph which on consultation with others seems as though it may be a bum clutch. Once it gets over the 15mph hump, it really climbs to 30mph quick.

But I'm planning on modding it. I want to get it over 40mph so I can ride with traffic instead of on the side of it.

I was thinking of going with the following set up. Is this overkill? If I mod, I want to mod it right, so no point in spending the money on an "ok" set up, but don't want to break the bank either.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Athena 80cc kit

Dellorto 21mm carb

Malossi 90 degree filter

For the exhaust, I wanted to try the Peugot 103, but was informed the Bullet might work better. Both need a mod to be put on, apparently. Anyone else have any other options for exhaust with minimal mods for a Sachs?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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