jet suggestion

i'm sure some of you are sick of these kind of questions, but this is my first kit and my first dellorto, so i don't wanna fuck it up.

my set up will be:


70cc Puch Parmakit

Tecno Estoril

20mm Dellorto

20mm intake


any suggestions would be killer.


jet suggestion

Here is how I used to jet. I would try jets in 6-4 size increments, so I'll start at say, 100. Then go down to a 94, then a 90, then an 84 then an 80, etc... Then when I find that i'm close, I buy the 5 jets above and under the close one.

Re: jet suggestion

not sure if you already looked at it, but has a sticky thread for posting your set up and jetting so maybe someone has a similar set up to you there... it's helpful for me because a lot of them seem to have a35s, not sure about e50s but worth a shot.

Re: jet suggestion

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

18x36 might be a bit too much gearing for that, at least initially. It'll take quite a while to reach top speed for your plug chops. Start big!

Re: jet suggestion

yea, the mra thread didnt really help

no worries, i'll probably start with gearing closer to stock

any other thoughts MA?

Re: jet suggestion

well, I went with your suggestion Brennan.

can't wait to get that shit. :)

Re: jet suggestion

start at 168 and go up from there

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