V1 bearing source?

Where is a good source for a complete minarelli V1 bearing set. I want to have them all at hand and the seals too. Im hoping to find a set so I dont have to piece it together. Im thinking about splitting the case to do some porting junk and want to do preventative work...

Re: V1 bearing source?

about 70-80 bucks.. with shipping.

Re: V1 bearing source?

They are available at any bearing house.

Here are the numbers and quantity:

2 ea 6203 2RSJEM(C3)

2 ea 6202 2RSJEM(C3)

Please note that these bearings have seals on both sides of them. Remove one or both of the seals as necessary depending on where they go in the engine.

2 ea 17x35x8 Oil seal

3 ea 15x24x5 oil seal

Total cost about $40.00 at a friendly shop.

Re: V1 bearing source?

Thank you SO much Silverfox. This helps alot!

Re: V1 bearing source?

1977 sells this kit for around 50 bux.

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