Call me a tard but

How do I compute the change in speed when changing gears?

example, the V1 does 30mph at 5500rpm with 11 front and 52 rear (4.72 ratio)

new gearing is 11 front 42 rear (3.8 ratio), same engine.

now, i do suck at math...utterly fail at it most of the time. whats the simple non algebraic way to figure this?

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guess you tart. jk im as clueless as you. lol

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i dont want to guess, i want to bench race duh! theres this jersey kid talkin shit.

ok, there is no kid. i just want to get an idea to tell the woman before she goes ripping down the street and comes back white as a sheet and scared because she topped out at 45 or something. i'm thinking 40ish?

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well, you take your current speed and multiply it by the current ratio of gears to get the base speed (in mph of wheel at countershaft) then multiply that by the new ratio:

current front New front

_____________ X ____________ = New speed at same rpm.

current rear New rear

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so 30x4.72=141.6

141.6x3.8=538mph! fastest moped evar!

what'd i miss?

oh wait, fucking awesome!

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it's 141.6/3.8=37.26mph

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well you never said divide! there was 2 multiplies lol. either way, i got it figured. damn, this should push her to about 40 or a little more. nice.

now to weld some shit this fall and really let er rip.

Re: Call me a tard but

Tard But! (ask and you shall recieve)

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