airsal 65cc kit for a35

anyone hear of anything negative of this kit...

is there an easier, more reliable kit?

expected top speed with a 22 tooth rear?

Re: airsal 65cc kit for a35

GO to I have heard only good things about it, just make sure you religiously follow some of these guys instructions on the breakin.

Re: airsal 65cc kit for a35

"the dj house": is $5 cheaper! :P

what are some of the break in instructions?

when you sieze does the ped stop moving all together?

Re: airsal 65cc kit for a35

Got one runs great. I did nothing to my engine (port match etc,) put it straight on with a homoet and 16mm dellorto and its showing 52 mph with a digital bike speedo. My setup is good to me

Re: airsal 65cc kit for a35

BootyClap Ninja /

they are installed on thousands of tomos out there.

Reliable if you run it correctly.

big power gains if you got the proper setup + porting.

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