Direct bolt up?

Bruce Edwards /

Is the Technigas Next R exhaust a direct bolt up to the 2007 Streetmate A55 engine? By that I mean no modded brackets.

Re: Direct bolt up?

no. not really.

when you buy it make sure you get the correct header angle for the a55 cylinder. because its slightly different that the a35.

also 1977* sells a bolt up bracket to match the bottom to the frame. i dont see it on the site right now, so youll have to call...

1800 965 1977

do those two things when you order and you wont have to weld nothing, unless the bracket they send you isent right, witch kinda happend to me, but it worked out with the mig welder

Re: Direct bolt up?

Bruce Edwards /

Thanks. I know I'll have to cut 2" off the header right after the exhaust flange to fit my custom bike. What I was hoping is that I could use the stock pipe as a template for making the support bracket. Now it sounds like that would be a waste of time. I might as well just buy the Technigas Next R peipe and mod it and fab a bracket for that. Shit.

Re: Direct bolt up?

yeah. if you know what your doing then go for it. whats your custom bike? are you the guy with the pro streetmate?

technigas pipe is pretty ill all around, i had the clear coat finish, not the chrome, and i had it powdercoated to a black texture at my old job, it looks pretty nice. black silencer too...

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