Thanks Motion Left Mopeds

Devin and the rest of you at MLM, thanks a lot.

I had dropped off my 70cc malossi kit and an AV10 case to them during Motion WHAT fully expecting Devin to tell me that it would be a terrible idea to match the cylinders transfers to the size and shape of the heavily ported crank case.

Seen here:

It took him a couple of days to plan an attack on the cylinder but once he figured out how to best expand the transfer ports while keeping them properly angled, it took him only a days to get things done.

When I stopped by last Saturday to pick up the cylinder, I was floored at how, simply put, how FUCKING AMAZINGLY PROFESSIONAL it looked. I wish I had a digital camera to have taken before and after work but, alas, none outside of my now broken camera phone.

I showed the ctlinder, once everything was cleaned up, to two veteran mopeder's (Chad B and Nick J of Quarter Kick fame) and their first reaction was simply a slowly drawn out expression of amazement. They themselves at first did not believe that Devin did the work.

Ok, so my point is, if you live in the Midwest, or you are able to get stuff to Elkhart, then have him port your stuff! His labor prices were reasonable for how difficult of a task porting out the cylinder was and the results are amazing.

I am not too keen on outsourcing my labor to others, especially with mopeds, but without question Motion Left Mopeds does a top notch job and I highly recommend their service.

I hope to be breaking in the kit this weekend, here in Kalamazoo, but I might be far too ambitious for my own good. Thus we shall see it close to it's full potential in Cincinnati.

Re: Thanks Motion Left Mopeds

BootyClap Ninja /

Do it up at Kala Rally.

Fucking amazing work.

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