Indian upgrades

Just got my first Indian. It's a red (you can see a pic in my profile), and after a few days of tweakin the carb, it's running like butter. I know that they usually aren't known for their performance, but I've read some things that give me hope. Here's some initial thoughts, any and all input would be appreciated.

First things first is to open up the breathing: anyone running a straight pipe? anyone relocate/get rid of the airbox?

After this I could easily up the top end with a change in gearing, but what about the low-end? up the compression by altering the compression? advance the timing?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Indian upgrades

4 strokes are restricted more by the cam lift/duration and valve size than by the carb and exhaust.

bumping compression can net you some more power over the whole powerband, but wont actually make the engine run any faster.

my advice? ride the indian for gas milage and make it look nice.

get a 2 stroke ped if you want speed or a small 4 stroke bike.

Re: Indian upgrades

Curtis Evey /

yeah. I thought that's was going to be the message...but that's what stimulus checks are for aren't they?!


Re: Indian upgrades

I'v heard that if you replace the stock mikuni with the next size up you cangain an extra 10 mph.

Re: Indian upgrades

Curtis Evey /

Oh really? thanks, I'll look into it

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