Working on a 1978 Pinto

just picked this up, wondering if anyone has sucess stories with certain carbs intakes or exhausts seeing as I don't know where to begin. And also, does anyone know if a Pinto could handle a double seat with 2 riding or would I have to do something with the shocks. I tried searching but came up empty, still trying to do some reading though. Thanks for your time, any help is appreciated.


Re: Working on a 1978 Pinto

It's got a Puch E-50 engine, search about that and you'll be reading for weeks. It's one of the most common engines out there, with tons of after-market parts. Most common upgrades are performance pipe, 15+mm carb, high compression head, and then cylinder kits.

I have 5, and love them dearly.

Re: Working on a 1978 Pinto

Hey - thanks a lot. I do have a lot of reading and taking apart to do. Also, can a Pinto handle a double seat with two people on it? If not is there a realistic way to make it able to? Thanks again.

Re: Working on a 1978 Pinto

its not so much can the pinto handle it, its a matter of the modifications you do to your bike.

as derek said check out those mods and youll be able to ride doubles no sweat.

i have a cobra and it has a similiar frame to the pinto except it is a top tank and different seat amongst other things. and i started off with a polini and a 15 bing with a bi turbo exhaust and i was able to ride doubles no sweat.

just keep reading and youll be alright/

this is the seat i have on my maxi which has the same engine as your pinto,

and with the listed mods, 2 people riding was something i enjoyed and did a lot!

Re: Working on a 1978 Pinto

I threw a za50 on my Pinto!

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