za50 65ccmetrakit 1515 dellorto

I had an amal carb on this kit with a 45 jet and a 20 idle jet. I couldn't get it to idle worth a crap. and my low end power left alot to be desired. the thing would hit around 40 no problem though on WOT. I picked up a 1515 dellorto and it came with a 64 jet. I also picked up a 75(I think..right around there) to try out if needed. I can get it fired up with about a half turn of the peddles on the stand. It idles fine when the rear wheel is free and spinning. Once I hit the break and stop the rear wheel the thing bogs out and dies. The If i give it some gaswhile hitting the break it does ok. I set it down and took it for a test drive

The thing topped out on WOT a whopping 18mph. I have yet to try out the larger jet and will do so as soon as I get home tonight. Any other suggestions on what to do.

If I decide to go back to the Amal carb. What size jet should I order, they are like15 bucks a piece. and I will not be ordering a handfull like I would with the Dellorto or a Bing.

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