A55 custom intake/filter

Bruce Edwards /

I made a custom intake for my stock A55 carb to fit my custom bike. The tube is chrome from an abandoned shopping cart. It's a bigger ID than the stock tube. Initially it will be attached to the stock carb. Later to a 19mm Dellorto PHBG.

My questions:

1) Will the increased ID of the intake have any negative effects while using the stock carb? I shouldn't think so.

2) Must I use some sort of rubber hose like the stock unit or can I fabricate a bracket/flange to be used on both the stock carb and the 19mm?


Re: A55 custom intake/filter

Bruce Edwards /

Also, I'm not digging the way the UNI filter is fitting the "space" so I've ordered this 35mm filter that is said to work on 15-19mm carbs.


Re: A55 custom intake/filter

Bruce Edwards /

Close up

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