Kinetic Performance parts

I'm thinking of trading my crappy old jet ski for a kinetic moped. I was wondering if there is anything that i can do to make them quick. is there any good places to get parts from?

Re: Kinetic Performance parts and treatshq on ebay

Re: Kinetic Performance parts

they are vespa clones, search for kinetic and vespa here in the performance tuning section there is loads of info.

Re: Kinetic Performance parts

if you want some really easy/simple modding for a kinetic, get the proma circuit pipe and the 13/13 dellorto carb, had my kinetic doing 40+. and those you can just slap right on. you will wanna make sure to get assorted jet sizes so it doesn't seize, though. i don't remember what size jet i had in it, maybe 68? could be completely off on that, though, so don't take my word on the jetting.

Re: Kinetic Performance parts

good luck finding the proma circuit its been discontinued for a long time.

Re: Kinetic Performance parts

ahh so thats why i coulnt find one

Re: Kinetic Performance parts has lots of vespa/kinetic parts

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