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Who has the fastest express? I feel like expresses are coming into their own a little bit, and am just wonderring what sort of things people are doing for speed.

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I do (I think) least on stock cylinders, can't wait till I'm done kiting my puchs to start kiting the expresses.

NC50 1 speed over 35 cruising speed, 40+ down hills (shit low end though with that pipe), hands down the most reliable ped i own. Now it's got a better low-end pipe and is still pushing 33 on the flats and nearing 40 on the downhill.

I've also built some fast ones for friends...

NA50 2 speed pushing 33 cruising, near 40 top downhill.

NU50 40+ cruising speed, the thing damn near keeps up with my friends stock MB5, and will get just under 50 on a downhill.

i just put a Metra kit on a NU last weekend but haven't had a chance to try it as I left my extra "break-in" jet at home.

Most of the the gain was in the pipes and filters, but I've also messed with jetting, and high compression heads. This has all taken place at 5600'+ above sea level.

The first one i mentioned is also getting a dry shot nitrous system just because I a bunch of spare top ends to melt.

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i dunno how, but i got mine to 33. i just used the spree head and fucked with my carb and filter a lot. I also used ATV race fuel all summer.

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Jonas Quimby /

I can't yet make that claim, but if I ever get mine finished it just might take that title.

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i think my NU50 will be doing 50+ once I get the pipe on and upjet (doin 40s now i think, was able to keep up on monday's Creature ride), but plenty of people have already done that..

also my 1981 NC50 was somewhere in the low 40s before i seized it

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oh i should also add, NC50s are fucking terrifying to ride above 35mph

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The brakes aren't even good at 30, fuck that, getting one any faster.

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i almost flipped over backwatds doing 30 over train tracks. and then yeah, i couldn't stop. defnitly need good shoes.

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I hit 27 on an Express, and I was so proud of the little beast!

Seriously, I rode my stock 1980 NC50 around, and began developing paranoia; I knew that it was an un-governed bike, but the speed cut-out was always EXACTLY 25 mph on the flat.

This one stays stock (its a tank) but just cleaning everything (and then gunking everything back up a little bit) gave me a free 2 or 3 mph gain, and a little bit more lowend.

Perhaps I need to have an exhaust roast this summer...

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Shoe brakes are the best on NC/NA's, the drums suck; and yeah over 35 gets interesting. The first time I hit 40 I couldn't see from the vibrations.

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yeah the vibrations at 40+ were such that i didnt want to have even a finger over the brake levers because i was afraid id lose my grip on the handlebars and eat it..


Re: Fastest Express

i've had mine up to 36 verified with a gps.

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my sr has been going slow about 25 and i just found out why today the belt is about 1/2 inch too long so its slipping a bit and not going all the way up and down on the pulleys

that will be fixed monday or tuesday

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