Magnum 19mm dellorto tuning

Ok, so I just got a kitted 2hp 2speed puch magnum with a 19mm dellorto carb..

What jets should I start with? the stock ones are way to big, somewhere in the 80's for the main.. does anyone have this set up and if so what size are you using for each jet?

the kit by the way is a ported K-Star (knock off of some other kit) and the exhaust is a bi-turbo (I know, not exactly what your looking for but it will do for now)

Re: Magnum 19mm dellorto tuning

i've never worked with that one, but does it come with the 70cc hi comp head? in the picture in the wiki it does . . . if so, awesome!

i have a 19mm dellorto PHBG on a 65cc metrakit with a hi comp head and it has a 103 main jet and a 52 pilot jet for break-in. i can't tell if the needle's a 6 or a 9 (dellorto logo's smudged so i can't tell which way is up) but 6 is too thin and 9 is too fat from what i hear; what you want is a 7 or an 8. i hope that helps? really jetting is so variable . . . i think out west on my same set-up people are running the kits with jets 5 or 6 sizes bigger than mine, and that's on bikes that are already broken in.

you know, in real-bike-land jets are sold in sets of 25. they come in a little plastic case like an angler's lure box with the numbers printed on the doors. but hey, maybe somebody who knows what he's talking about will chime in who's using your exact same kit and carb who lives in your geographic area who's willing to say exactly what jets he's using . . . and then you'll only have to buy 10 of them!

Re: Magnum 19mm dellorto tuning

yeah that is what I was hoping for.. but I appreciate your input, I'm just trying to get a general idea so I don't have to buy a million jets.. as much as I love doing business with Benji I'd rather not give him all my money..

I'm right at sea level, I don't know how much that makes a difference but if anyone else has any advice I'd appreciate it..

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