Puch polini 4stroking/no idle prob.

So, my magnum was running fine. I don't know why, but for some stupid reason I decided to replace the old worn down points, so I put brand new points in, set the gap and the timing to what it was before, and suddenly it started four stroking on the low end, and it wouldn't idle...just from changing the points!! The top end remained the same, however.

I have since replaced the stator and the coils, the condensor, the high tension coil, and I've tried 3 different sets of points, including the original. I've wrapped every inch of the ignition circuit in electrical tape. I've tried many different point gaps, from super wide, to barely opening, and I've tried different timing advances, from .8mm to 1.2mm to 1.7mm all the way up to a little over 2mm btdc.

Nothing changes, no matter what I do; same lack of idle, same 4strokey low end:(

It should be noted that I'm running a leaner jet now than before I changed the points and all this trouble began, so it's not that.

Please!! If anyone has any ideas, They would be suuuuper appreciated.

Thank you!!


Re: Puch polini 4stroking/no idle prob.

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Setup? How did it run before? Did you try the old jet?

More info!

Hows the spark itself look? Is it nice and blue?

Re: Puch polini 4stroking/no idle prob.

It's a 64cc polini kit on an e50.

15 Bing w/ high flow airfilter. 90 jet.

bullet exhaust

16/45 gearing.

Yeah, I've tried all sorts of different jets, it's not a jetting/carburetor issue; how could it be, when all I that was changed was the points?

The spark seems to be solid when I test it by holding the plug to ground and turning the flywheel by hand.

I've seriously tried EVERYTHING I can think of, nothing works:(

The only thing I can reason is that for some reason there must be inconsistent spark at low rpms... But why?

Any ideas?


Re: Puch polini 4stroking/no idle prob.

Sometimes new points come with a really thin layer of oil or rust on them. Run an emory cloth over them a few times, see if this helps.

Re: Puch polini 4stroking/no idle prob.

THanks! But, yeah, I've got the original points in there now, which are hella worn, and I've tried some that are kinda worn, and then the brand new ones; they all behave the same.

I"m going to play with it a bit more tonight.

What makes a spark weak? Too much resistance at the points? Small point gap? Resistance because of a partial short somewhere? Shorted condensor? Shorted HT coil?

Anyone thinking along these same lines?

I'm sooo frustrated with this whole thing!!

Thanks everyone:)

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