qt50 reed?

can anyone explain how to install a different reed to my qt50,

im just gettin started on my beef up project and need some pointers with out spending a ton of cash.

Re: qt50 reed?

you take off the intake manifold, pull out the reedblock, remove the old reedvalves, and then you put the new ones on and put it back together.

Re: qt50 reed?

Drop the engine first.

Re: qt50 reed?

sounds easy enough... well see how much damage i can do... i should prolly find some first tho... any suggestions?

Re: qt50 reed?

boyesen makes them, part number is 674. They’re for a yamaha pw50.

most motorcycle shops should be able to order them for you, or ebay, or search online.

Re: qt50 reed?

i also heard changing the clutch springs would get it off the line a little faster, any input into that

Re: qt50 reed?

i don't have personal experience, but i've heard they do work pretty well. search ebay or google for "pw50 clutch springs"

Re: qt50 reed?

I just purchased both the Clutch Springs, and Boyesen Reed Valve from


Costs 19.99 each.

James - did you have any success installing yours? Any pitfalls to avoid?

Re: qt50 reed?

Well both the Clutch Springs and Reed Valves went on.

Firstly - the Clutch springs are a 10 minute install, very easy!

The Reed valve was kind of a pain in the ass, because as mentioned above you have to drop the engine. UGH. Im also dealing with an issue with my engine, so I needed to drop it anyway, and find something in the engine thats rattling around.

Reed valves are not bad to install, I was just a little confused as the instructions are simplified to a fault. You basically just take the little metal reed out, and you replace it with a 2 reed system, and a rev plate. So its not just take your read out and put the new one in. as mentioned above, its take 1 out, and put 3 in. But not to bad after you just sit down and get to it.

Re: qt50 reed?

Jeff. What was the improvement with the reeds and the clutch springs? did you replace both at the same time, or did you do one at a time to see what would help top end more? I just through a set of Boyesen reeds on mine and I haven't really seen much of an impovement, about the same as stop with good medium brown on the plug.

Re: qt50 reed?

I haven't gotten the engine on yet.

Im stuck at trying to get the crazy outside Hex screw out to look at my transmission. I'll letcha know.

So far the YT60 top end, has very noticeable speed increase, both at take off and at the top. Speedo meter was always buried. Then I heard what sounded like something break off and bounch around inside. I tore it down and inspected all the gears (with the exception of the transmission). Hopefully the drive pinion isnt screwed!

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