Larger Cylinder for FA50?

I've heard that you can get more power out of your ped by simply getting a larger cylinder or somhow extending the cylinder block and bolting it back on. Is this true? I have a Suzuki FA50 that I would like to get a little more power out off, any ideas?

I could also use parts for this ped if anyone has any...

Re: Larger Cylinder for FA50?

rebuilding the top end might help, add this with new base gasket, (use 2 ) and you should be going aorund 30, also if you search, people have added different exhaust to this

Re: Larger Cylinder for FA50?

Can I use one of the overhall kits? I'd like a whole new cylinder head, because my exhaust bolts have been sheared and are stuck into the current one. If so which one do I need for an FA50?

Here is the link.

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