no $$$ limit puch kit????

so it you have no $$$ limit to kit a puch

but you wont it to bolt on and don't mind matching the case

i just don't wont to but a kit on where i need to grind away a bunch of material just to get the kit to go in to the case

and would you you do a crank?

what carb?

what pip?

thank you

Re: no $$$ limit puch kit????

Hey man,

Search back about a month. I remember reading a huge post about this exact same topic. I think most people went with 80cc Metras and 65cc Polini's with 21phbg carbs and estroil pipes.

Re: no $$$ limit puch kit????

whats a pip?

Re: no $$$ limit puch kit????

80cc means grinding the case though I believe.

Re: no $$$ limit puch kit????

talk e g lis h?

Re: no $$$ limit puch kit????

BootyClap Ninja /

So let me guess, you are a rich bastard that is lazy.


Re: no $$$ limit puch kit????

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I asked what you'd do with $1000 and a puch. It seemed like the consensus was an 80 gila kit, with a 24mm flatside carb, and a jollymoto pipe. Or something like that.

Re: no $$$ limit puch kit????

soooo - you want to go fast and you have an unlimited supply of wealth, but are uninterested in effort.

grinding out the case for 80cc kits or otherwise using parts that take more than straight bolt-on doesn't mean you're a piteous schmuck living in poverty who couldn't afford your mysterious no $$$ limit kit - it means you are willing to put effort into a moped beyond asking your parents for a blank check.

Re: no $$$ limit puch kit????

also, the moped army message boards offer a free service in the lower right corner of your text box labeled "Spell Check." Click on it. See what happens it's awesome.

no effort puch kit????

Unfortunately ( I Guess) nearly every fast bike is going to need to be built rather than purchased. Nearly every quick bike I've put together required some manner of kustom part or jury-rigged something or other. Even the manifold that came with my Gilardoni back in the day had to get scrapped because it wouldn't flow a 21mm.

Fastest 'no-work' high $$$ set-up:

OLD! Not Current! Polini cylinder 46.5mm piston, greatly resembles a Gilardoni.

Athena/Eurokit manifold

Simonini exhaust or Homoet 8p

Mikuni TMS 24mm

Fastest High $$$ Lots of Work set-up (under 100cc's):

Eccentric Crank Pin on KX85 rod (41mm stroke)

Custom crank web (flywheel side) with 20mm cone

Weld up engine case, relocate cylinder studs

Cristofolini 90cc LC cylinder for Minarelli AM6 motor

KX85 Powervalve assembly, grafted to cylinder, slaved electronically

Parmakit Variable Ignition advance (for Vespa)

Kustom case induction reed block & Malossi MHR Manifold for Gilera Runner

Moto Tassarini V-Force reed block (for Suzuki RM85)

Fabrizi Racing Exhaust for Malaguti F12

Keihin D-Slide 30mm Carburetor

-There's probably some guy in the netherlands with this bike already, but if anybody stateside builds this up, I will totally give you a high five.

Re: no effort puch kit????

Hey I didn't blow piles of cash and I did the project over the span of about six months but I wound up with a reliable fast (46 mph) ped

70cc athena kit $165

matching high compressiuon head $ 47

matched intake $17

15mm Bing $90

5 jets $25

bi-turbo exhaust $77

18 tooth front gear $18

32 tooth rear gear $20

a little less than 500 in it's tuned conservatively I'm looking more at reliabitity than speed

no $$$ limit puch kit????

Pay Devin at Motion Left mopeds to build you a 80cc monster that will rip and you won't have to grind a thing.

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