puch getting faster, jetting getting weirder

i've got puch maxi project that i have running now. did about 20mph without any tunning, just a carb clean. this weekend, i

put a 15mm bing carb, 15mm intake and a proma gp exhaust and a hi flow air fliter. now it's doing almost 40, but

running really lean. did a few plug chops and the pugs are coming out bone white. this was with a 72 jet. so i jumped up

to an 82 and did another chop. a little more brown in color, but still pretty white looking. so i'm gonna move up to the 80-

90 range and see what happens. i know you're supposed to start rich and work down, but i thought the jet range would be

about 68-72ish, so that's where i started. way off for some reason. i'm not an experienced tuner, so does this sound

right to anyone? should i be doing something different? oh, and the bike has no low end at all, which is weird because the

proma gp is supposed to have a great low end. i'm sure i'm not getting the jetting right. any help would be appreciated!

thanks in advance! -Hayden

puch getting faster, jetting getting weirder

That sounds like it should be rich as all hell.

I could start checking for air leaks everywhere. Spray carb cleaner(a lot of it) all over every mating surface around the top end. (carb to intake, intake to cylinder, cylinder to bottom end, head to cylinder) if you find any noticible drops in rpms, or the motor dies completely you have found your airleak.

Or if you don't want to use an entire bottle of carb cleaner looking for it take everything apart and put liquid gasket on every mating surface.

I would think that after you get it sorted your low end will come back and you will be jetted around a 74

Re: puch getting faster, jetting getting weirder

i was starting to think there was a possible leak too, because i had a hard time getting the exhaust to fit into the cylinder. the pipe didn't fit right in like i thought it would. i had to kind of force it and then bolt everything down tight. i still don't know if it's on as snug as it should be. would that kill the low end? when the pipe kicks in, it rips, but around 10-15 mph it's slow as fuck. i'll check that out- should i double up on gaskets to make it fit better? the left pedal doesn't clear the pipe either, which is weird too.

Re: puch getting faster, jetting getting weirder

white plugs + really high jets - low end power = air leak, for sure. did you use a gasket when you installed that intake manifold? did you clamp the carb on real tight?

Re: puch getting faster, jetting getting weirder

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