Rear shocks, gas vs hydraulic

Im a noob when it comes to suspension. Anyway, Id like to know what the best rear shocks would be. Im assuming not springs, so Ive seen gas and hydraulic. How do they compare?


Re: Rear shocks, gas vs hydraulic

Gas is much better. This statement is only based on the fact that all competetion shocks are gas shocks :P

On the serious side however, gas shocks have a constant pressure (pre-charge). Meaning they load more even and recoil faster and smoother, giving a better ride. The gas also prevents the hydraulic oil (which is still in there) from foaming around, reducing heat and friction and thus increasing the smoothness.

And they are also better because I just bought a set of gas shocks, so hydraulics can't be better (Or I'll hate myself over it :P)

And as a lil teaser, here's a pic of my new shocks.


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Re: Oops

nice, how much were those? do u know about how long they are?

Re: Oops

These were $106 (Without shipping) for a set.

They are made by some company under license from Paioli.

They are meant for an Enfield Bullet and some Triumph 500cc bike etc.

They are 315mm long (eye-to-eye), mounting hole diameter is 10mm, the mounting surfaces are 18mm wide, the springs are 54.5mm wide and the thickest part is 63.5mm. The springs have a thickness of 7.3mm (If you might wonder :P) and the spring has 5 settings (The damper has unlimited settings, as it's gas ;))

They are sold at <> through an E-bay shop

Re: Oops

I gotta do some measurements, but I bet theyd fit better than the fat chromes Ive got not. Do they have different lengths? I guess my bike is 320mm stock, but I am using 360mm right now, since my fork is also longer than stock.

Re: Oops

they are made for 500cc motorcycles? wont they be waaaaayyy too stiff?

Re: Oops

Maybe, but they're fully adjustable. I'm guessing that gray bit sticking off the side has something to do with adjusting them?

Pretty sweet looking, let us know how they work out.

Re: Oops

The shocks being too stiff is my biggest fear atm. I know the damper is fully adjustable, but the springrate is probably still pretty high.

When I get em I will try to adjust the gas-pressure so they are comfy on my Maxi. If that doesn't work, I can always modify or replace the springs so they are softer.

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