Milling 50V head

I did a search and didn't pull up anything on this topic.

I just pulled my stock Motobecane 50V engine. It runs well. I plan on replacing the mounts, porting, polishing, swapping to a Dellorto 15.15 and a Ninja mild exhaust.

While it is out I was thinking of milling either the head or top of the jug, whichever looks right. Does anyone know how much to take off to boost compression? Will I need to run higher octane fuel? Will a high compression engine still run with the bigger carb and exhaust? What jet will I end up needing?

I am not really looking for a big boost on speed, but I do a lot of hills and I want power to try and stay at 35 mph instead of dropping down to 15 mph.

Thanks, Terry


Re: Milling 50V head

You can mill both. the head you can mill down wear its meets the inside part its not a-lot. on the jug you can mill a little to the


Have you ever conceder offsetting the cam?

and your sprocket size counts to.

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