super fast idle on start

Just installed an airsal kit on my sprint which as an A35. All new gaskets and everything, fairly new 15.15 dellorto, technigas, 68 jet. The carb, and exhaust i've been using for months. I hook everything up, and kick it over, and it runs WOT on me choke or no choke. Is it likely to be an air leak? even with new gaskets? i wrenched everything down pretty good...

Re: super fast idle on start

sounds like an air leak to me, I should know I just seized my kit because of one. Get some carb cleaner and spray it everywhere until you find it. Just to be sure you might as well check that your idle cable isn't over tightened as well.

Re: super fast idle on start

im pretty sure my cable is ok, the slide stays down all the way, and moves correctly when i pull the throttle, so i dont think its too tight. i suppose your right, ill just sit there with carb cleaning and soap water for a while and figure it out.

Re: super fast idle on start

yeah air leak....just fixed something similar on a Tomos not too long ago. The leak was coming from the intake manifold where it connects to the head.

Re: super fast idle on start

if it does prove to be an air leak, how to i fix it? tighten the bolts? or maybe a new gasket?

Re: super fast idle on start

did the carb cleaner trick, found a leak next to the intake manifold.

took the top end apart again.....doubled up the gaskets on the intake manifold, tightened the bolts a ton. kicked it over, and its still running WOT. This time i cant seem to find a leak with the carb cleaner around the intake or carb, any ideas?

Re: super fast idle on start

there could also be other places...between the head and cylinder....or between the cylinder and crankcase.

or around the exhaust.

be sure to checkout the TOP of the carb too...

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