Internal HT on 103 how to wire?

So the stock 103 with the 2 coils has one wire going from ignition coil going out to the out side wiring harness , and another lead going to the condenser

this is what i have now to replace the stock POS

My question is that there is only one lead for that thing. That i can hook up to the condenser what do i do about the other wire just ground it out some were else?

Re: Internal HT on 103 how to wire?

I havent wired mine up yet but I figured the one (and only) wire that comes off of it goes to the condenser and then you run a spark plug wire to the plug.

Re: Internal HT on 103 how to wire?

Piece of cake connect the white wire to the points through the little eyelet and then solder the black wire to the metal par on the coil, Did two of the recently and they work great.

Re: Internal HT on 103 how to wire?

wait what? my points run to my condenser and than to my ht. But i got it hooked up and got spark for a second than gone. So i need new points and condenser i think

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