VarPlus is double plus good!

Hey yalls, I finally got to test the VarPlus performance variator I bought. WOW, what an amazing difference.

The rundown:

Moby 40 hardtail frame

15.15 Dellorto

"fast" cylinder (by Elliots photo guide)

4L320W belt

Malossi Varplus with the heaviest weight set

2.25 gazelles mounted on split six spoke moby mags

So I won't know for a while if it adds anything to top speed, I didn't have enough parking lot, but it makes the take off amazingly amazing. The old 3 ball would start to close together really early in the RPM spread, the varplus waits till its spinning super duper fast before it starts to close. If you are cracking your variator, I must say this is much better than only losing one 10 gram ball bearing. Throttle response seems much improved too due to the loss of 200 grams of rotating mass. The Varplus will definitely make your Puch riding friends look even sillier as they pedal away from lights...

Re: VarPlus is double plus good!

glad u like it!, are the moby balls really 10 grams? did u weigh?

Re: VarPlus is double plus good!

Crackstar X /

yeah i weighed them on the paint mixing digi scale at work, 10 grams each and 13.5mm in diameter

Re: VarPlus is double plus good!

good to know, solid info

Re: VarPlus is double plus good!

Crackstar X /

plus the original steel mobile cheek wieghed in at 403 grams, the varplus mobile cheek wieghed in at 200 grams even. Id like to think if i got a clutch pulley some day i might do that crazy stock clutch mod i saw on ventiplix

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