Was wondering if anyone out there knows if there is a piston that will fit in a Bat Laura 48 engine to increase displacement. Machining cylinder and looking for (bigger)piston replacement! Thanks in advance. Baxter

Re: OversizeBatavuspiston!!

Lee has one! I'll ask him to get in touch with you

Re: OversizeBatavuspiston!!

don't know if it'll help ya at all but,

there's bore sizes for some different pistons and stuff here


Re: OversizeBatavuspiston!!

hahaha, uhm... if there _is_ a matching piston for doing a bigger bore someone please tell me. BTW, my HS50 just hit 41mph on gps... but no low end yet. Boring is a wet dream i wish would come true...

(will post pics and specs when tuned properly, in meantime members can peep vics post: http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/4/108925/108925/)

Re: OversizeBatavuspiston!!

congratulations, john! you worked on that for awhile

Re: OversizeBatavuspiston!!

baxterscientific /

Thanks much. !!!!!!WOOOO!

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