70cc Athena Deltoro JETS

Hello all,

I have a Puch Maxi with your standard E50 engine with a Techno Circuit Pipe.

This week I installed an Athena 70cc kit with the high-compression head.

Treats sent me a 21mm Deltoro carburetor instead of the 19mm I wanted. He says it's fine but I don't know what jet size to use.

I need all the help I can get here as we are headed to Kalamazoo next week and I have to get this thing running. I have not tried to start it as it came because I'm waiting on a choke lever and the air filter.

Let me know what you all think.



Re: 70cc Athena Deltoro JETS

Is it the reed valve kit? I believe I was running a 92 on mine with a 21. I would start at 100 and work your way down.

Re: 70cc Athena Deltoro JETS

Yes, sorry about that, reed valve kit.

Re: 70cc Athena Deltoro JETS

Sorry I can't spell. It's Dellorto but I'm sure you all knew that. Model is PHBG.


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