which Dellorto carb do i need?

for a stock puch engine on a free spirit

Dellorto 15.15 Cable Choke Carburetor



Dellorto 15.15 Lever Choke Carburetor


i'm assuming the lever choke but i'm not sure!

this and a proma gp muffler should raise me up from 25mph, no?

Re: which Dellorto carb do i need?

its a matter of preference. technically if you reaaaaally wanted a cable choke, you'd need to rig a lever up at the handlebars so you could adjust the choke via the cable. cable chokes can be nice, so you can choke while riding if need be and not have to kill yourself reaching the lever, but they can be a nuissance to install as well.

otherwise, go with the click choke. it chokes in the same way that your bing does (well, pretty much), in that you push down a lever on the carb and it doesnt "click" off until you snap the throttle.

Re: which Dellorto carb do i need?

btw, yes, that and a proma should get you well above 25. make sure you tune the carb properly, though. that dellorto 15 comes stock with a ..... 68? jet i think which most likely will not the best jet for your setup. you'll wanna order a fistful of jets and tune accordingly. start high, work yer way down.

Re: which Dellorto carb do i need?

wait, now i'm confused....on my left grip, i have brake and the lever to engage the engine...so do o need the cable one now?

Re: which Dellorto carb do i need?

wait, it would be a third cable to adjust choke...instead of moving it up and down?

Re: which Dellorto carb do i need?

right on.

Re: which Dellorto carb do i need?

am i speaking english here?

Re: which Dellorto carb do i need?

right on as in affirmative. you would need an extra cable to adjust the choke. this has nothing to do with the engine engage lever. you would need to add another lever somewhere else (some magura throttle assys have little trigger levers for chokes). this would open and close the choke, instead of pushing it up and down.

Re: which Dellorto carb do i need?

well, I almost bought one....but then realized it wouldn't fit the bing 14 carb intake...any have suggestions on what intake to get for a free spirit to get a dellorto to fit?

How long can one's intake be if you want to angle out the carb?

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