putting kits on mopeds

ok so this is a real noob question, but I am very new to mopeds and stoked on them. like most people I've got the need for speed and something like a 65 or so cc kit sounds like a good way to spice things up. I'm wondering will it still be legal to ride on the rode? I live in MA for reference. I'm guessing technically it makes it illegal, but is it just not a big deal because no one will notice just by looking at it or what? Also, what exact upgrades would you guys recommend to get up to a solid 40-45 mph ride? thanks!

Re: putting kits on mopeds

yeah theres no way a cops going to be able to tell a 50 cc from a 65 cc just by sight so dont sweat that.

I'm not sure what the rules are in MA, but i know in ohio mopeds are only suposed to go a certain speed, maybe 30 mph? Thats the only thing i worry about at all when i see a cop.

Re: putting kits on mopeds

Pipe and carb upgrade are always welcomed by your newly kitted ped.

Re: putting kits on mopeds

Brendan Chenelle /

I've had a kitted puch for years.... Never been bothered.

Re: putting kits on mopeds

The way I look at it is they aren't going to take off your head, and measure the cylinder. I've had police ask me questions about my bike, and I had to educate them on the laws.

The one thing that does concern me about my kitted ped is that the head, and sprocket are black, when the stock stuff was silver. I'm wondering if that's supposed to tell the cops your stuff is not stock..

I wouldn't worry about it too much though, long as you aren't doing 45 in a 25, no one will ask questions.

Re: putting kits on mopeds


thats how i almost got busted

Re: putting kits on mopeds

yeah, the heat was all over me last night already... something about ripping this hard and being this radical.

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