I have to peddle up hills

I have a Moby 50v and just added the av10 shorter intake manifold thinking it would increase my low end, but right now i can't even get up hills at all. Is this due to my carb being jetted to high or the gap in my spark or something else? The exhaust on the bike also has a hole in it which seems to have been drilled could that lower my performance as well? thanks.

Re: I have to peddle up hills

All the above

Re: I have to peddle up hills

first, you did not put a av10 intake on ur av7 motor.

so r u talking about the 15mm shorty?

what carb r u using?

Re: I have to peddle up hills


why the fuck would you do something so stupid as switching to a different intake mani for no reason?

Re: I have to peddle up hills

yes, i am talking about the 25mm shorty with a dellarto SHA 15:15.

Re: I have to peddle up hills

thought it would increase low-end torque. ass. I wouldn't do it for no reason, and i was told that would increase low-end torque.

Re: I have to peddle up hills

It's a yes and no. It depends on rather your bike was running fine before you did the swap. Also on jetting, ignition timing, moon, ect. How fast did the bike go before? What is the speed rating on the frame, did it go at least that fast before? If it is a 20mph, then don't expect better performance, in fact you might have been better with a 12 on the super slow cylinder. What do your plugs look like? Is the Variator operating properly, clutch? Lot's of stuff that need to be checked before you go blaming the del and short intake.

Re: I have to peddle up hills

no its just an old 50cc moped lol. sorry but even if it is running the best it could you will either be peddleing up hills or burning out your clutch.

but i guess a question to help you get an answer is

if you are going top speed and start up a not so steep hill will it bog down?

if you are at top speed and start going up a hill and it bogs down then you have a problem. brand new you could not start out on a hill and go up it.

if you weight is over 100 lbs then dont expect to climb any mountains. even if it had 3x the engine it does it wouldnt be pulling any grown men up a big hill.

id say get something over 100ccs but even then it wouldnt do much better. if you live in a hilly place and this is an issue id sugest something with a transmision thats made to do hills not something with a cyntrifical clutch.

goodluck and yes the drilled hole min your mufler could be helping or hurting. the best running moped i own has a sawed off muffler and is loud as shit. so loud it can only be riden in the woods but it proforms 2x to the same one with the same muffler but intact. so unless the hole is makeing wierd backpresure it should be ok.

if when you hit the gas it sounds good like well idk if it souds like its going from idle to topspeed smoothly then the hole should be fine.

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