Mobys and torches

Is there anything performance oriented that you can do to a Moby that does not need a torch? I just got my variator disassembled! yay! four more screws and its VarPlus time!

Honestly, bearings, cases, variators, engine mounts, what doesn't need fire to fix or alter? You feel me?

Re: Mobys and torches

carb change? pipe swap? if you change your carb with a blow torch, you're a badass. i'll just pretend like you do.

ps sachs manual? haha if you cant do it its cool but if you ever get a chance. thanks man.

Re: Mobys and torches

sorry steve, i'll get on it in a few mintes, mind you the quality is pretty piss poor, my manual is a photo copy of someone elses photocopy of a manual that mopedjunkyard sold me for $18 a few years ago

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