70 cc big bore! jetting question

I have a 2006 tomos lx with the a-35 engine and stock carburator with a 60 main jet. it also has a bit turbo pipe and a boost bottle. i just got my 70 cc head kit in the mail...what jets do i need with this head??? any tips greatly apprecitaed..thanks

Re: 70 cc big bore! jetting question

Cleats Onionpockets /

When going to a kit, start 10 jets up from stock and work your way down. Unless it's a massive kit, in which case go 15 or so.

Re: 70 cc big bore! jetting question

then: minarelli v1, stock, 58 jet.

now: minarelli v1, 75cc polini, 101 jet.

buy a range of jets and plug chop to figure it out.

Re: 70 cc big bore! jetting question

I'm breaking in a 70cc kit on a puch and I started out with a 92 (which is WAY rich) but I wanted the extra safety, I whent down to 88 & 86 running 2 tanks at each jet level now I'm running 84 and I think it will end up @ 80 or 78, I also ran my oil at 32:1 (better safe & smokey) but this is my first kitted scoot so I wasn't trying to ring it out too soon.

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