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For the 3 ball variators, as opposed to removing a single ball and facing possible balancing issues i've heard about, couldn't you replace them with lighter weight ball bearings like with roller variators? Would a bearing shop be able to sell something for this, lighter ball bearings of the same ID?

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For example, ceramic hybrid/silicon nitride ball bearings that can weight up to 20-40% less than steel ball bearings. The weight loss for total hybrid bearing weight would be equivalent to removing a single steel ball bearing. Anyway, late night ideas... just a thought.

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search "ceramic balls"

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but yes should work. at least worth a try.

btw, i know more peugeot stuff, and on a the peugeot balls are for the clutch only. still helps things rev more before engaging on peugeot. not sure if this is the same on a moby. something to keep in mind

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fish_SHARK /

yeah, but i wonder if they can stand up to the pressures. they slam up that ramp plate and back down again. good ideas though!!

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good luck trying to find 13.25mm balls(.521"). i've looked before. i'd think if your gonna go thru all the trouble to get to a point to remove/replace them youd jsut be better off with the Varplus

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***Kim Jong illest*** /

i got your 13.25mm balls RIGHT HERE

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A ceramic, or other lightweight ball bearing would be fine in there, but finding one is hard apparently. Cheaper to find a 4-ball plate, and easier to setup with a varioplus. You can also make a shim plate for the spring. Higher preload means later opening on variator without having the change the weights. Yep.

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they could stand up to the pressures for sure, silicon nitride is used to line the space shuttle's heat shield.

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im gonna contact them and see if they could make 13.25s. They have 13s and 14s.

Yeah, I'd probably go with the varioplus in the end but I'm more just curious than anything else about this as a possibility for a stock variator.

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Re: Moby Variator Question

What balancing issue? Just cause it's uneven doesn't mean it's an issue.

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just cause the cranks snap off doesn't mean it's directly related to a unbalanced variator weights

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no shit.

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For the record:

The balls are 13.5mm just measured the ones i got OUT of my variator. They weigh 10 grams each. The steel moving cheek weighs in at a hefty 403.4 grams.

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yeah.. and dont they eat shitty motor mounts like none other

and break the flanges off carbs

and tear up the exhaust threads...

its not an issue until something breaks, right?

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

the motor mounts get eaten if you have a kitted bike anyways.

the exhaust threads just get stripped, it happens. tighten that shit on when youve warmed up the bike itll stay on there.

umm. how the hell does an unbalanced variator break your carb flange? what are you smoking?

if its not kitted, you wont snap a crank.

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Crank rated for 8k Rpms? check.

Stock bikes that can pull 9k rpms? check.

Kits that pull 10-11k rpms? check.

Cranks broken by bikes with three ball variators? check.

Cranks broken by poorly built bottom ends? check.

Doppler Crank broken by poorly built bottom end? check.

Two ball variator the least of your problems? check.

I've been running two ball variators in my mopeds for three years, ever since i built the first one. I have never sheared a crank, in probably a dozen engines.

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I have sheared two cranks, and It had nothing to do with balance, but how well I set the crank in. I'm sure running with bad mounts doesn't help either, though...but I say try different weights and experiment.

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