tecno boss...estoril... homoet 6p??

need to order exhaust for my garelli setup.. polini big bore kit, 21mm dellorto. give me your opinion please, it will be very useful to me. im horrible at making up my mind. also, do you know where to get some sprockets for garelli???


Re: tecno boss...estoril... homoet 6p??

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

boss on the cheap, 6p for more top end. Chances are you'll get about the same out of both pipes with a little more low-end from the boss.

Re: tecno boss...estoril... homoet 6p??

chris pixley /

hey hey.. thanks for the response zackck. keep 'em comin'

Re: tecno boss...estoril... homoet 6p??

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

From my understanding of things, you'll get better all-around performance with the estoril. But you'll get a higher top speed with the boss or 6p (sacrificing a little acceleration for it).

If you're going for performance that is even through the powerband, I would say estoril.

If you're going for great top speed, I'd say go boss. Forget the 6p. It's too expensive for what you're getting, and the boss isn't going to give you much different results than the 6p.

I run a boss on my stock maxi cylinder with a 15mm bing. I wish I had better low end. But with a polini, it should pull well at the low end even with a boss.

So it's your choice between top end or all around goodness. Or it's your choice between like $60 (boss) and like $140 (estoril).

Wait, plus consider that you're going to have difficulty clearing the pedals with the estoril...

Save $80 or more and get the boss. You'll be fine, and won't regret it.

Or so that is my stream of consciousness for the night. Yesss.

Re: tecno boss...estoril... homoet 6p??


Re: tecno boss...estoril... homoet 6p??

6p sucks bad for low end, but there is no comparison for top end against those other 2 pipes. i've run all 3.

Re: tecno boss...estoril... homoet 6p??

boss is boss

Re: tecno boss...estoril... homoet 6p??

Blah blah blah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Elliot restricts himself by using the Boss. He might be the fastest 65cc guy out there if he would just consider the #1 performance enhancing product made for 2 stroke motor is an expansion chamber exhuast. Boss pipe is cheap small and I would guess does not pull at all past 6000 rpm.

I dont hate the Boss pipe I just wish Elliot would stop all this Boss love until they start paying him for it.

Re: tecno boss...estoril... homoet 6p??

the reason the boss is so good at top end is the giant header, the expansion is tiny. take that header and weld it to a 4p. perfect garelli setup

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